Monday, May 25, 2009

Sick again!

Aver is sick again!
She is down with fever, cough with thick thick phlegm and runny nose.
She is on the same medication plus the seretide and ventolin puffs.
On top of that, she has her antibiotics from the dermatologist and the antihistame.
She is so used to all the medicine that she does not make a fuss.
However, enough is enough!
I am sick of feeding her medicine!
But, I must thank the GP.
He is very patient and understanding.
He is also very gentle with Aver so she feels at ease with him.
Let's pray that this will be over soon!

1 comment:

Ahfat said...

It must be the same virus that attacked Hanhan. Horrible virus. However Hanhan loves to take the medicine that the doc prescribed, my silly girl even asked for medicine before she needs her next dose:P Try rubbing some vick vaporubs on her throat, chest and back, this should help to ease her coughing. Take care of Aver and yourself too. Holiday is coming..... you all must be healthy enough to enjoy it.