Monday, May 18, 2009

It is time to re-focus

It is time to stop feeling sorry for myself and stop being depressive over every little thing.

It is time to hand everything to the Lord and let Him know that I am only human.

It is time to unload everything, turn my eyes to the Lord and seek His help and guidance.

It is time to re-focus, re-think, re-look and renew!

So on to happier stuffs...

Ash's exam is over and who cares what is the results for now.

If it falls below her abilities, then we will buck up during the holidays.

Aver's fingers seems to be on the mend but it comes and it goes.... so we are praying.

I managed to d some revision for my Japanese language course and it feels great.

I managed to crochet three piggy heads for handphone dangles and they look great.

Better still, I thought of the pattern me-self!

Proud... show-off...

My old pencil case decided to die on me and I need to sew a new one for myself.

The school holiday is coming up in two weeks and I look forward to it. (though monetary wise, it will not be very healthy but I will let the Lord handle that portion... He feeds the birds so why will He not feed us, His own children! Of course, I should not use this as an excuse to be lazy!)
So I end this post with the four of us looking all cheery... (it's not recent but it shows my happy mood... re-focus)


Ahfat said...

Glad that you are looking at the positive sides of things. 加油!

Suzanne said...

That is a lovely photo of your family.

Take care and be kind to yourself.