Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Aver's post

Today, I will focus on Aver.
Always ready for some fun.
Spontanously running to where the fun will be.
Love to pretend play.
Love to smile for the camera.
A cook in the making... maybe.
Love to meddle with the pots and the pans.
Time to bring out our own playset so that she can "cook" along with me.
When "cooking" is done, it's time to read.
A lover for books but rarely the time to read.
Mummy, Mummy, time to allocate your time properly.
Always lugging some books around waiting for Mummy to read.
Will do... will do...

Aver is ever ready for the camera.
"Cheese" is her favourite word when the camera is on her.
Coupled with her squinting of her eyes and spreading her mouth spreading wide in a big cheery smile.

Aver is the last born and cheery despite her many ailments.
Praise be in the Lord that she will recover.


Ahfat said...

Aver has a lovely smile, keep her smiling!

Anonymous said...

Radiant smiles! resembles local artist Pan Jia Li! alf...