Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crochet Bags

Spent quite a lot of time on these bags.
Almost 10 to 12 hours over 2 days for each bag.
I love it... but they are not ready all done yet.
There is still the inner drawstring bags to be made.
The design is still going through my head.

The bare bag
The completed bag

The green crochet ruffled flower
The second bag with a longer handle
The blue crochet fuffled flower
What do you think about them?


Ahfat said...

The bags are lovely. I would say that you are talented at crochet, able to make up your own pattern, and I like the little piggy that you have made some time ago.

Our Story said...

very nice bags

Arkerchi said...

Thank you. Crocheting is what i have been doing for the last two weeks as it does not create noise and it is easy to put down when the little one screams in her sleep due to the horrid itches that she has every night. But I really long for my sewing machine...