Saturday, October 04, 2008

More sewing going around here...

One of the nights, I was sitting in front of my laptop doing my usual bloghopping and this particular conversation took place between Superpig and myself.

Superpig: What are you doing?

Me: Blog hopping... (sounding kinda bored... and it is not due to the blogs I was reading. They are filled with interesting things and ideas.)

Superpig: You look bored.

Me: Am I? (Looking kind of wide eyes.)

Superig: Yup... you look bored.

Me (after pondering on what he said...): Yeah... you are right. I am bored. But I am reading all these interesting blogs, why should I be bored?

Superpig (shrugged his shoulders): Do you know that you cannot be bored? Once you are bored, you will start to sink (meaning sinking into the dark dark area...)?

Me: Is it? Is that how it has been? But I do have quite a bit of work to be done... but those are work and I now I don't want to work. I want to do something fun... You are right, I am bored.

Superpig: Well, you should start another project then before you sink too far.

There ... he said it ... to start another project and so I started to look for some inspiration in the wonder world of the net.

And I am totally grateful to him for pointing out what can trigger my bout of depression. So now I am more aware.

So an update on the what I had sewn can be found in WENCRAFTING.

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Carol VR said...

Thanx for the birthday wishes!!!