Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our Sunday Afternoon

I have been bugging Superpig for some outdoor activities ... I was getting a little tired of the urban forest and need to get out to nature. Saturday evening, we went to the beach to roller blade and a stroll. Today, we went in search of caterpillars and also bottle tree.

We went to the hydrophonic farm and purchased two caterpillar kits. It thrilled me ... I love butterflies and I want to take this opportunity to teach Ash the life cycle of a butterfly.

Then we went in search of the famous Bottle Tree Village... I remembered seeing somewhere that this park or village is a piece of vast carpet grass land with quite a number of bottle trees...

NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! I came out of the place very very disappointed. I do not know how the place could have given such a FAR FROM TRUTH image of itself. At the entrance of the village is ONE bottle tree and TWO grass tree... that was all. The rest are restuarants and even the prices of the food there is EXPENSIVE.

Sorry... not the least impress with this place. I rather go to Sembawang Park next to it ... it definitely wins hands down!

Then we went to Seletar Camp ... it will soon go down into our history books. The old colonial housing which had been for the generals in the past has been opened up for private housing rentals. But the government had decided to redevelop this area... so I guess these colonial houses will be gone. Hence, I wanted to go take pictures of this place before it is gone.

Blogger is not allowing me to upload the pictures... will do it the next time.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend too.

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Suzanne said...

Hello Wen,

I love the caterpillar. Glad you had a nice Sunday with the family.