Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Playing with Paints

It had been a long time since I see paints in this house. I hate to clean up the mess after the fun... plus, I am kind of afraid that Aver will digest the paint or create a mess so big that I will blow my top.

However, it is unfair for the kids not to have a little fun. So this evening, I pull out the finger paints.

But before that, I had the two girls sitting together and each reading their own books while I prepared dinner.

Once Ash had her dinner and I had managed to set up the paints, the girls started their fun.

What are these? The stub of the vegetables that I cooked for dinner...

And so they went stamping away... (a little too much paint though).

End results... (what can I use a old bicycle frame for?)

Ash was happy just to do something other than studying.
Aver had fun and loved the activity that she refused to let me keep the paints.

Next time dears... next time.... I promise.
This particular one is very precious... it looks like a smiley.


Ahfat said...

Great idea! Next time I should try using stubs from vegetable, they make great looking flowers. And if I'm lucky I might get a smiley face too. :)

Carol VR said...

Those are precious!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful little paintings, they do indeed look like smiley faces. I hear you about the paint thing, I find it very difficult not to step in when Dylan is painting and not nag him to make too much mess. The mess from paint becomes a distant memory, the happiness and smiles of our children are precious forever.

I must remember to tell myself that next time Dylan is walking paint prints across the wooden floor hahahah

Suzanne said...

I loved seeing your girls creations. They are so beautiful. I do understand what you mean about the mess though. It is worth it in the end and I love the smiley face.

Arkerchi said...

oh, thank u my friends. It indeed is precious. And i've learnt that this kind of mess is worth it when i see the smiles on their faces. Once the school holidays kick in, i am going to let them go explore t.heir creativity and worry about the mess later. At least, Ash can take care of the baby sister while i clean up.