Saturday, August 09, 2008

It's Sports Day!

Ash had her Primary One Sports Day on Friday (08 August 2008... a significant day - Olympics at Beijing 2008)
Superpig took the morning off work to join in the fun.
Although it may not be as spectacular as the Olympics, it is still hard work by the teachers and great fun for the kiddos.

Waiting to enter the arena

A march pass

"Where is my sister?" "Yeah... where is your sister?"
"I'm here! I'm in the yellow house."

"It's our turn."

"Thank you, Mrs Poey."
Comparing the medals
"I did it, Mummy."
A champion shot with Mummy at the Olympics.
She fell upon reaching the last hop but she picked herself up and ran back to her group. But her "hourse" came in first in the class and she was happy. Good effort little ones.


Tine said...

What a wonderful day! And so noce you could all go together as a family to watch her :-)
The teachers must have been really hard at work to make a day like that for the students!

Anonymous said...

Ah, wonderful photos. Well done to your daughter for picking herself up and carrying on... shows a real strength of character :-)

Anonymous said...

Well Done!


Suzanne said...

What a nice day out, so glad to hear you could all go as a family. The last photo is such a nice memory.