Sunday, August 10, 2008

Totey bag...

I finally managed to get my hands on my sewing machine again!
Oh boy... I cannot tell you how delighted to be re-acquainted with it again.
Because I was (and still am ... which will heal in Jesus' name) suffering from a tooth infection, I did not go out of the house on Saturday.

Plus, I felt miserable because I could not eat anything solid... had been on a liquid diet and was super frustrated, so I decided that I need something to distract myself.

From these...

To this...

And I am making a lot more in for Teachers' Day... (There are like about 9 for Ash's teachers and a few more for Aver's soon-to-be teachers)

Superpig liked it too so he willingly went Ikea to buy more fabric.

Thank you, Superpig.

Anyone interested to order one from me?

Hope all is well for my friends out there.


Our Story said...

nice bag. u seems to like colorful fabric.


Tine said...

That bag is super-cute! I have some of that fabric too, can't remember what project I had in mind for it though :-(

Suzanne said...

Wen sorry about you tooth, but glad to see you got to do some sewing. Love your bag and I think the teachers will be happy.

about Jaeden said...

this is it water proof?