Thursday, August 07, 2008


My mum decided to ditch babysitting for us.
Yup... she is bored and itching to go back to work (she may be seventy but she prefers to work.)
Today, I went to the childcare that we had in mind previously to register.
I am glad that there is an available place for Aver and she will start on the 14th this month.
That will be next week!
And here she is wearing her uniform. Kind of cute, right? It is a little too long which needs some alteration.
This is not just one change because come this change other arrangements have to change too.
First, I will be the chauffeur... I will have to ferry the kids to and fro school.
Second, Ash will no longer be taking the school bus (Yippeee... a some of the older girls in the bus are not very nice.)
Third, I will have more things on my shoulders to carry.
Fourth, I will be taking up Japanese lessons ... because Aver's childcare has Japanese lessons too as they have Japanese pupils. (Well, it is a good motivation for me to get started on the lessons... I had always wanted to anyway.)
Fifth, Aver has to start to respect other people and learn to be socialise properly.
Sixth, Aver has to learn to eat more variety of solid food (which can prove to be difficult as she only have 8 teeth at the moment.)
Seventh, I better learn to drive from one place to another without getting lost!
I must say, initially when I heard my mother's decision I was furious and upset. I refused to talk to her for the whole evening and was crying myself to sleep as I did not know what to do. The only thing I knew to do was to lean on God and prayed. Now, I feel calmer.


Tine said...

We cannot always see the point of things until much much later....and sometimes we miss the point alltogether! But there is a point, and you sound like you know that. So just keep trusting the Lord, and know, that He has a plan ;-)
Besides, you don't really want your mom to babysit, if she would rather be doing something else, do you?!

And I like your list of things that have to change. Everything is positive!!

about Jaeden said... cute..really got alot to alter...which childcare you sending her? half day or full day?

KELVIN said...

Hi there! Wow, Averlyn has grown so much. Sad that we have to read your blog in order to find out what u guys been up to :) Been so long since we last met. Hope we're not forgotten.


Arkerchi said...

Hi Tine,
U are sure right about not forcing my mum. Well, I am drawing strength from the Lord and learning as I go along. As for the list of changes... I was told to either to be happy and thingk positive or think negative and be miserable. I prefer to be happy :) Now, I got to learn soem time management skills so that I can still do what i like to do...

She is going half day at St Gerard's near Ash's school...

For awhile, I thot it was Kelvin who posted... chey! Anyway, time is rather limited so whatever time I have, I try to make it famaily day... time with Superpig is getting rare (late nights at work or simply falling asleep before I can finish a sentence), time with kids is limited also... so I hope you understand hor...

Hope everyone is well:)

Anonymous said...

It takes a lot of organisation and juggling... but it can be done :-)