Sunday, August 03, 2008

Our weekend

Oh... I am getting to love the weekends more and more as I can have the time with my princesses and my superhero. Although, it is still difficult to leave the house for work but I learn to look forward to time with them.

Saturday... Hortpark, Henderson Waves and a nice fulfilling dinner at a Japanese restuarant.

I mentioned in earlier post that Superpig had to organise for an outing for his department and the day finally came.

We begged my mother to babysit the princesses while we went out into the sun.

There was a Malay wedding taking place there and I love the colours injected in the wedding. Seriously, I think they are one race that carry colours very well.

Then, there were flowers to take. Eventhough I told Superpig to go ahead without me and allow me to take these photos but they walked kind of too fast. So I did not really take a lot.

After the park, we tracked up the forest trail to reach Henderson Waves...

Lastly, we ended at the Japanese restuarant for a very filling Japanese buffet. I enjoyed my dinner as I ate mainly my favourite, sashimi.

My favourite picture will be this one... I took my own reflection through Superpig's sunglasses.

As for Sunday...

Well, we did nothing much as Superpig had to stay home to run some tests with regard to his work. However, we did get somethings new in the hope that we can help ourselves increase our exercise level.

As for crafting... I did sew a nice little bag which I will talk about it in the next post.

Lastly... hope everyone has a nice week ahead.

I am going to plan some crafting in my very limited time.


Tine said...

Look at all those beautiful flowers! It sounds like you had a great weekend :-)

Carol said...

Excellent last photo with your reflection in the sun glasses!

Aka Pamela S. said...

thats a very nice sunglass picture..

Suzanne said...

What a nice way to spend the weekend. Love the photos of all the flowers.