Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What has been going on here...

There is so much that I need to blog about that I am not sure how to go about doing it.

At the same time, I do not have the luxury of time (like before) to do it ... so I see what I can put up here in this short time I have now.

First up... thank you for the well wishes when I was sick. I am better but not my baby...arh... she caught my cold but she is still actively running around the house.

Now ... the rest of what I have to say...

Two weeks ago (if my memory is not failing me...), there was a book sale held by the Singapore National Library Board. It was a sale of used library books and being a book lover I could not allow myself to let this sale go without me involved.

So Superpig taught me how to get there by car... yes, I drove there! (That is a wonderful wonderful achievement to me as I have problems with directions.) After two or was it three hours there, I spent a total of $198 (Singapore dollars) with a loot of 49 books. Mainly books for Ash and myself but I did not forget Superpig... I got two for him... something to help him in his work.

That below is the loot I am talking about...

And before the sale started, I saw this fellow resting happily on the glass wall of the exhibition hall, so I mustered up my courage to take its photo.

Then, it dawned on me that I could actually go round the other side and take its photo without fearing it flying to me! Anway.. what is it? I thought it was a giant grasshopper but Superpig said it should be a locust considering that it is almost 10cm in length.

There is also the durain season... yummy yummy durians (stinky for others...).

My school actually held a durian party for teachers and family, whereby we could eat all the durians we wanted for free. However, as I was recovering from that event of unlucky health situation, I did not join in the fun.

But we could not resist the temptation and went ahead to get our own durians....

It was also on that night when we were eating dinner, I saw this nice cat happily sleeping on the stool. It slept for the longest time and did not even move an inch when people went close. I went to take a look at it and realised that it was wounded. Hence, it was not willing to move... Ouch...

And there is the preparation in school for the coming of 9 August, Singapore's National Day... Every class was to design a hat that symbolise Singapore (or at least that is what I am hearing...

This particular hat caught everyone's attention...

There is the Singapore Flyers, Tan Tock Seng Hospital (well known for its ability to clam down on SARS when it broke out then), Supreme Court, the ship (which I guess symbolise that Singapore started out as a small fishing village).

And lastly... the ERP gentry!
ERP = Electronic Road Pricing
This road pricing policy was implemented to curb the heavy traffic and in recent years, the prices have been increasing and still is increasing. Along with that, there are more gentries erected and there will be more!

Anyway, the class that produced this is really creative.
Salute to you guys.

At the same time, the last picture is dedicated to Superpig and his colleagues (even though ERP-ing is not his department...)


Suzanne said...

Oh my gosh Wen you did have a lot to catch up on, glad to hear from you. Looks like lots of books there so hoping you can find some time to read.

Tine said...

You're back! And feeling better! YAY! Looks like a fabulous booksale. You sure did bring home a lot :-) LOL!

Superpig said...

Erm.. i remembered helping to carry 99 books and not 49 from you 3 trips, to and fro between the car and the sale ground.

Hahaha... the national day hat looks ingenious, and the ERP is the best item there... lol it depicts the current hot topic in Singapore.

Oh! i'm still savouring the durains!! can we have more please? since its season fetch good harvest. the bottom line, CHEAP!

Carol said...

Glad to hear that you're feeling better :-) Sorry to hear that the little one has now caught the cold though. What an awesome day you must have had at the book sale!!

And great photos, especially of the locust?? It has a strange, but slightly cute face.