Monday, July 07, 2008

Ash's School Carnival - 5 July 2008

It was a fun-fileed day on Saturday.
There was Ash's school carnival which we went late due to very very bad traffic conditions on that day.
But she still managed to have a little fun.
She was with her Daddy queuing for the Formula One Race!
While they queued, the little one had to be satisfied with her own Formulae One Car!
Oh... she eventually fell asleep.

There ... the serious car racer waiting for the signal to go.
And of she went... (reminder to Superpig and myself... no way is she going to get her driving license when the age comes!)

Then she went on the Merrry Go Round Swing.
Trying very hard to smile and look not giddy.
Lastly, she went on the Viking Ship.
She was afriad... her words,"I felt as if I am going to have a heart attack!"
She went on three rides and that was all.

We had to leave for yet another appointment.

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Superpig said...

Yeah, the traffic was least she got to have fun! taking rides! Weee!!