Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday walk

Superpig had to organise an outing for his division at work. A few of his colleagues suggested trekking up Mount Faber. (For my darling friends overseas, Mount Faber is nowhere near a mountain, it will most probably be more like a hill in your countries' context.)

So he had to go and have a look at what there is to offer so that he can plan a nice trekking route for everyone. Myself and the princesses went along with him ... how can we leave him to have all the fun?

And really... my legs are still aching at this very moment. Although we did the walk the day before.

When we reached and was about to step out into the sun... it started to drizzle.

So we took an indoor picture before heading for the nearby mall to feed the baby and wait for the rain to stop.

After the baby had been fed and the rain had stopped, we set off into the wilderness again.But now we are armed with strawberry and chocolate milkshakes for Ash and myself (Superpig bought them specially for us.)

Oh.. and do you notice the steps behind Superpig? Well, that is only at the beginning of the trek. There is a long stretch up and we climbed it. I did it too ... with the baby in arms. As I huffed and puffed my way up, she looked at me and started giggling away.

Once we are done with the steps, I get to put the baby down and let her do a little walking with her sister.

Aren't they cute?

A few shots of the view...

Cable cars leading to the nearby island, Sentosa.
A view of our busy busy port.
A view of the skyscrapers at our business hub.

Then there is us with the flowers...

From here onwards, we headed towards Henderson Waves.

We had finally reached Henderson Waves!

It is a rather nice bridge but I fail in the area of photography at the moment. Maybe, when I join Superpig and his division for the outing, I will try again.

After Henderson Waves, we went on to the Forest Walk...

It reminds me of Tahune Airwalk in Tasmania (but the view fall short of what Tasmania had to offer)... Oh, I so miss Tasmania.

Okay... I will end this post here as I am facing some probelms with connection.

Will continue soon.


Tine said...

That looks like such a great day!!
And I received your wonderful gifts in the mail!! I love it! Thank you so much!!
I have started using both bags already. LOL!

Arkerchi said...

oh... that's fast. I thot it may take a month to reach. glad u like it. but do forgive my wonky sewing skills :)

Anonymous said...

These photos are great... your daughters are just so beautiful. I'm happy that you all had a wonderful day together :-)

Suzanne said...

Hello Wen, it sounds like your had a wonderful family day together. I would just like to say thank you, I received your wonderful present in the mail today. You are a very clever lady and I cant wait to take my bag out and tell my friends how I got it. I will post photos on my blog when I am next on blogger. ( I am having a problem with posting, it keeps exiting out). Thanks again.
Have a nice evening.