Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Working out of home...

It has been rather quiet here because I am back at work.
My working hours although are not long (like 4.5 hours every day), I miss my girls a lot and really wish I can stay home with them.
I am still trying to get use to working out of home... well, at least I do have more adult human contact.
I am also trying to get use to being out of the house and returning home without feeling tired out.
I need to plan how to spend the time after work with my daughters.

Getting to work along with the normal working crowd was kind of daunting at the beginning. I never thought that I would need to squeeze into a crowded MRT train with hordes of commuters but now I do. Because the train is always so crowded I find it difficult to read during the journey so I took to observing the fellow commuters or I simply peeked into the newspaper my neighbour commuter was reading.

As for work, I have not gotten my actual time-table and my group of students yet so I am just hopping around doing some relieving roles.

As for my darlings, they are coping.
Ash does not have any problem as she is off to school before I go to work and back slightly earlier than me.
Aver has been a rather good girl. I am just glad that my mother is the one looking after her.
Although I end my work at 1 p.m. , I had to stay out till around 3 p.m. just so that the little one can take her nap. She is a light sleeper and will wake up when she hears the door open. Hence, I make sure I reach home after she has at least an hour of nap.

During this time, I will be out eating my lunch and shopping which is rather bad for my pocket, hence I will be finding a good spot to read.

Time alone to read at a proper place is good as I have been reading whilst in the bathroom for the past two years and that is kind of depressing.

Now, on the crafting news... I will update in the next post as it is time for dinner making.


Suzanne said...

Wen how are you. Sorry to hear you are back at work already, hard to leave your girls.
I have a tag on my blog if you would like to play along.

Carol said...

It's difficult I know... ((((hugs))) to you Mama

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Wen I have just posted about the award - thanks again! Hope you get into a good routine soon - it is always a juggle being a working Mum!