Monday, June 02, 2008

Clouds today and other stuff...

I missed out the first day of June for my clouds pictures and that was because we were busy going to our various weekend activities by public transport ... bus. I was too busy trying to ensure that Aver stayed in the sling and also looking out for the buses, I totally have no extra hand for the camera and extra eyes for the sky above.

And as for today, I nearly forgot about the sky too as my body was recovering from the tiredness of the weekend activities. However, I managed to get a few pictures in the evening.

Today, it rained a little so the clouds were not as fluffy as the past few days.

I mentioned in my previous post about Ash wanting to learn the violin. She started it yesterday. She did well for the first lesson so I hope she will continue to learn well.

And I have included a video of her practising...please ignore the chicken scratching sound. Think we will hear that more often. Look how serious she was whist practising.


Oh... I mentioned earlier that we were out on Sunday travelling on public transport. This is how we look...

And I will leave you with a cute picture of my princesses...


Carol said...

I like the colours of the 2nd sky photo down :-) And lovely photos of your family too!

Suzanne said...

Love the photos of your little girls on that cute ride.
Great sky photos as well.
Have a good day Wen.

Tine said...

The sky-photos are great! I like the one with tha dark clouds....quite dramatic :-)
You have such a beautiful family, your girls look so cute on that ride!

Arkerchi said...

Thanks everyone... the photo of my gals on the ride is rather presious... cos it is kind of difficult to get a preper picture of the two gals looking at the camera at the smae time.
and thanks for the comments on the clouds photos