Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last day of May...

Today is the last day of May and hence marked the end of the "A post a day in May".
I truly enjoyed it as it allowed me to think through what happened within a day and find something worthy or happy to blog about.
I must say that I did quite well for this particular "challenge" and did not miss out many days.

So what is up for June?

Well, I had rekindle my love to watch the clouds float by.
So I thought for June, I am going to have "How my sky look today in June".
I will be taking photos of the sky and the beautiful clouds, the different shapes and the different shades for this June.

Hope you will check back to this blog to see the clouds that I see in the month of June.

If you are interested to join in the fun just join in and have fun but let me know by leaving a comment or an email to me so that I can go see what you see in the sky too.


Jessie Chua said...

i think u have improved yr photography skill ! keep it up

Suzanne said...

Hello Wen,
Just thought I would let you know I tried the link the way you demostrated and it worked. Thanks.
Hope you all have a good day.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing your sky pics :-)

Arkerchi said...

Hi Jessie,
Thanks.... will keep taking photos.

Hey Suzanne,
Glad that it worked for you but have u read the other bloggers' comments? There is a shorter way... that I have not tried :)

Hi Carol,

You feeling better? More re-charged? I got the sky pic up but nothing fabulous today.