Saturday, May 17, 2008

With God's many blessings, I am richer and stronger

Before Superpig started on his new job, he went on a shopping spree with me.
However, eventhough we were shopping we have no idea that his job was in the process of being confirmed.

A little of the background...
He was offered a job a few weeks ago and we were all very excited.
However, as he had to declare that he was the shareholder of the company that he was working then, the current one sort of held back comfirmation of his job.
Then it was about two weeks of waiting, praying and simply relying on God's grace.
I, on the other hand, told him to have himself remove from the company as soon as possible and he did.
The auditors did the necessary documents and the necessary persons signed on the dotted line and I persuaded him to send the relevant documents to the current employer without any delay.
That Thursday, 8 May 2008, he sent the documents to the current employer and then we went shopping.
Somehow, there was a kind of peace in me ( I am not sure about him though...) but he allowed me to enjoy my shopping.
I walked home with quite a few things and a very happy lady.
That evening, he got a call from the current company informing him to report to work the next week.
So he had been at his new job for a week now .. tiring due to long hours and numerous tasks to complete but very happy as God has given us.
I do not know what to put as the title of this post but I think the title I had up there is really relevant to our current situation.
Back to the shopping spree...

One of the loot is the Hello Kitty silicon baking mould I used to bake the Mother's Day Cakes.
Here is another one ... Pooh Bear silicom baking mould which I used to bake the Pooh Bear Sponge Cake in the previous post.By the way the recipe for the sponge cake is posted HERE.


Tine said...

The Pooh-moulds are so sweet!

Suzanne said...

So glad to hear things are working out in the job area. Its such a relief when things go as they should.

yl said...

is this mold the medium or small size?

Cataleya said...

Hi, can pls share where you bgt tis cute mould? It's sooo cute!! Tks! :)