Sunday, May 11, 2008

Missed a post

I missed a post for yesterday as I was busy in the kitchen trying to bake the Mother's Day cake.
Not once,
Not Twice,

The fifth one is now in the oven and I am at the verge of pulling out my hair!

And talking about my hair...
I went to have it rebonded straight plus a little trim, tolerated two days of no water on my hair and the result after I finally washed it...

ARRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHH.... it is as good as not doing anything to my hair!

That is my first time at the salon and the last time too!

1 comment:

oz jane said...

I have a drink with Durian in it.Called Durian Fusion...a health drink.
I enjoy it but have never tasted Durian
I am glad you persisted with the cake.