Friday, May 16, 2008

Was out and tired...

I missed yet another post as I was really tired.
I had to go report to work (a weekly affair) and pick Ash up from school after her ballet... this is usual.
What tired me out was that I had to run an extra errand for Superpig.
After he had started on his new job, I have to help out with his old one...collecting mails, calling for courier, getting invoices and all. So I went to his old office on the public transport... I could have the car...but been a lost cow (moooo....mooo.....) most of the time, I thought that it will be safer to not drive.
At least if I was lost, I could always hail a cab.

So after all the travelling and walking and all, I came home with blisters on my feet (ouchhhhhhhh!) and aching legs.
Well, eventhough I was tired, I cannot resist making these for Superpig and Ash.


Tine said...

They are wonderful! Winnie-the-Pooh!! Are they mashed potatoes? Or?

yl said...

wat u use to make the pooh. so cute. i want recipe. i'll get the hk cake mold if ur cake recipe is easy to make.

Arkerchi said...

thanks Tine.

It's the same sponge cake as the hello kitty one but a smaller version.

trust me... very easy. I got the pooh bear silicon baking mould from kaikai too:) they had three sizes.. i bought the biggest and the smallest.
i try and put up the recipe tonight.

yl said...

they hv many silicon molds. i dont know which to get.