Friday, May 09, 2008

Blog Anniversary Giveaway - Results Time

Thank you for everyone who participated.

To me, it was fun seeing personal friends and new friends in blog world leaving a comment. Although, there were not like many who participated but I am still very touched.

I had Aver drew the lucky ones and she drew these.

I know I did say there will be two but since she drew out five... why not?
And since I am so blessed by God, I thought... why not just have a little something for all thirteen...ahem... twelve, who participated. (Superpig not included in this list because your greatest gift is ME!!!! Haa haa haa )
For the five picked out, you will get two items instead of one and the rest will get one.
Hope everyone will be happy and be just as blessed as I am.

So please drop me a mail at and provide me with your mailing addy.
And... please put in the subject of the mail as "Blog Anniversary giveaway" so that even when the mail goes into my spam folder, I can still sieve it out.

Oh... please be patient with me too as I have not really start working on the gifts.


Anonymous said...

Thankie Sweetie Averlyn Dearie!looking forward to yr mummy's great gift!

YL said...

it's very sweet of u to give out gifts for all. I shld hv join in too. :)

Suzanne said...

Thank you for this gift giving idea. Your little girl looks so sweet drawing out the names.

Arkerchi said...

yl, don't worry check back here often as it seems fun to do giveaways :)

Suzanne, remember to email me your mailing address.

and I really enjoy doing this, keeps my mind of negative things and help me find more excuses to buy more craft(not!!!! I need to finish my stash first)

Superpig said...

Booo T.T no gift... >.<"

Arkerchi said...

Allooooo Superpig,

all the shopping the past few days at John Little not enough?
What about my mother's day gift?