Sunday, May 04, 2008

Korean Spicy Rice Cake


Sorry... was not meant to be mean but I could not resist.

Superpig knows my love for Japanese and Korean food and never fails to allow me to induldge in them once in a while.
I had this particular Korean recipe book and was yearning to make my own kimchi... ooohhhh... I can eat up a whole bowl of it mixed with rice....yummy!
So he drove me to a particular Korean supermarket to get the necessary stuff but it lack a few items.
Then, I do a search on the ever-so-well-informed internet and found other Korean supermarkets and there is one situated at where he needed to be, so off we went this afternoon.
I got all my stuff and am ready for my kimchi making stunt... but since it will take awhile to process the cabbage I put it on hold till tomorrow.
But as I watched a Korean drama on the TV, I cannot concentrate... the rice cakes are calling me.
Hence, I abandoned the drama and went to try out the recipe for the Korean Spicy Rice Cake.
Once that was done, I enjoyed it with the drama... and totally forgot to take a photo of the dish itself before I gobbled it up!

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