Friday, May 30, 2008

Creating links in blog posts

I do not have much to blog about today yet... and not sure whether there will be later so I decided to do this.

Suzanne from Create Fun and Mess posted in her blog about not yet figuring out how to create links in posts, so I thought why not share what I do. Since, I am not trained to read or write HTML format, I do it the following manner.

1. In the "Compose" mode, I copied and pasted the web address.

2. Then I switch to the "Edit Html" tab. You see the portion where I underline? That is the part which I need to change.

3. Since the blog name is "Create Fun and Mess", I typed that in the part which I underlined earlier.

4. Lastly, I return to the "Compose" tab and I see the title of the link rather than the whole web addres.

There.... that is my non-Html way of doing it. It may not be the best and fastest way but it sure works for me.

Suzanne, I hope it will work for you too.


Tine said...

There actually is an easier way to do this in blogger... You go to the website you want to link to, mark and copy the URL. Go to the post you are writing, mark the word you want to be the link-text, press the icon that looks like a chain (#3 from the left in your screenshot above), a little window pops up, you copy the saved URL into the textbox, press ok, and there you go!

Doesn't sound easy, but give it a try!

TIP: Finish your sentence, and then mark what you want to be the link.

Arkerchi said...

oh.... thank u Tine! I have always been wondering what is the link button for... hee hee hee.

Aka Pamela S. said...

Wah lau Aunty!! There's a faster way for blogger lah...

Just cut n paste your URL. Highlight the word you want to link.

Click on the Icon that looks like a CHAIN. and insert the url. Click enter.

Viola! Done.

Arkerchi said...

i don't know mah... i not very clever one leh...

Suzanne said...

Thanks Wen, I cant wait to try this. At the moment I have been typing the whole address in with the http:// in front and hoping it works. But this isnt such a good idea as you have the address but no idea of the person.
Have a great weekend and thanks again.

Bobbi said...

Thanks for this post. I have been trying to figure this out and now I know two ways!