Monday, July 07, 2008

Rubix Cube Fever!

I remembered the craze back in the eighties and as a young little girl, I tired my hands on it but I could never solve it.
My elder brothers were snickering away at my failure to solve the cube.
Now the Rubix craze is back...

When I first saw it, I told myself that I would not fall prey to it again.
However, I just cannot accept the fact that I have failed to be a Rubix Cuber.
So I bought it and searched through the internet for help.
(Superpig said that there is a formula to follow... and my brothers never told me that!)

Well, before I could really try my hands on the cube...
A particular baby girl, Aver, decided that she is better at solving the cube than anyone else in the household.
She will hog the cube and refused to hand it over!

You can see that she has it with her most of the time.
I "stole" it from her when she took her nap and when she was swimming with her Daddy.
And I managed to SOLVE it!
I am now officially a

(with the help of the formula though!)


Ahfat said...

Oh... tried that too... but most of the time I ended up taking them apart. :P that's the only way for me to solve it.

Suzanne said...

The rubix cube - I could never solve it either. I sat through classes in High school with it in my hands while trying to listen to teachers. I even followed a book. I have never solved it so good on you Wen for being a rubix cuber.

Anonymous said...

I found them fascinating,but could only manage to solve two sides.. that was my maximum...

Tine said...

Good for you! It is FUN!

Superpig said...

I'm getting old. use to be able to remember the formulae and solve it. Now... can only get to the second layer... >.<"