Sunday, August 31, 2008

Some stuffs that make me feel better

Today's post is about what are the stuffs that can help perk me up a little...
1) Good Food
Sashimi.... lots of it will perk me up.

Good western food at Miss Clarity... Superpig brought me there for lunch (good and cheap... hint hint... Superpig!)

Food with lots of cheese and potato...
(I baked this yesterday. My first try and it's not bad.)
2) Sunsets
I took these when I drove to pick up Superpig from work.

3) Beautiful Flowers Blooming

4)Bicycles rides

5) Retail therapy ... new helmets for our bicycle rides

(Cannot have a lot of this... got to watch our expenses closely now.)

7) My hero carrying my current favourite bag.

8) My sleeping princesses

This is what I see every afternoon when I turn into our carpark... two soundly sleeping princesses.

9) My princesses and their nonsense.

Ash decided that she needed to cut part of her fringe by herself.

I blew my top and had to trimmed the rest of her fringe to matched it

I was furious... very very furious and wanted to scold her more but after seeing her, I started to laugh.

Aver and her numerous funny acts.

10) Taking photographs...
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Tine said...

What a great list of gratitudes!! Good to see you are doing better :-)

Suzanne said...

Wen you have lots of lovely things in this post. It makes me feel very happy just reading it.
Have a good week Wen.

Anonymous said...

The photos of the girls are great :-) I'm glad that you're feeling less overwhelmed now :-)