Thursday, August 14, 2008

Aver's First Day at Childcare - 14 August 2008

Aver started daycare today.

The night before she suddenly developed high fever for no reason and I thought we may have to post pone her first day. However, with a dose of fever medication in the night and constant prayers, she woke up with no trace of a fever. She was perfectly fine except for the puffy eyes and some rashes on her shoulder.

Once she had on her uniform, she was all ready to go and even insisted on carrying her own bag.
In her arms, she carried her rabbit which we bought specially for daycare.

Initially, she was a little apprehensive and did not really want to be in the circle with the rest of the children. However, she was observing the teachers and children singing away.
Then, a girl came and invited her to join the group. With a little coaxing from me, Aver held her hand and went to join in the fun.

After singing and reading, they went outdoors to play. I stood at a distance and observed her. She seemed to be getting along well and started to warm up to her teachers... Teacher Janet and Teacher Akimi (the lady in picture is Teacher Akimi and she teaches Japanese language).

Here she is playing ball with Teacher Janet.
Seeing her getting warmed up, I decided that I should not hover around as it might hinder her ability to really get use to school. I left her with her teachers and went to the nearby mall for breakfast.

When I returned, everyone was telling me that she behaved herself and did not cry at all. I was really happy to hear that. She is getting along really well.

As I reach her class, she was getting ready for her shower and she was really cooperative. She did not fuss when she was showered, being dried or getting dressed.

As we were about to leave, I realised her rabbit was missing. She went searching the classroom for it and suddenly she kept insisting on entering the bathroom. Her teachers and I thought she wanted to play with water so we tried to pull her away from the bathroom... but she insisted in going in. And to our surprise, she went in to get her rabbit. Her classmates brought rabbit into the bathroom to play with it and in the end the little fellow had a shower too. It was wet ... ha ha ha... and Aver went," ooohhhhh..."

On the way home, she fell asleep in the car. She must really had enjoyed herself and really tired herself out.

Here is her wet rabbit...


Tine said...

I am so glad Aver had a great first day at school!
That must be such a relief :-)

Our Story said...

Aver did very well on her first day in sch. well done.


Anonymous said...

I'm really pleased that she enjoyed her first day.. :-)

tooski said...

Soooo cute!

Ahfat said...

Glad that Aver is enjoying herself in daycare.

Suzanne said...

She looks so cute and I love that you took a photo of her asleep on the way home after her busy and fun day. So good she settled well.

Suzanne said...

Hello Wen, I have some awards that I would like to pass onto your blog. I didnt do the linking as it makes my head spin after doing a little bit.