Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A good book, tea and a studying princess

It is the term break this week for Ash but Aver's childcare function as usual.

Rather than driving all the way back after dropping Aver at school, Ash and I hung out at the nearest mall.

After breakfast, Ash had to complete her school homework and a little other work in preparation for the final year examination.
I, on the other hand, read my book and helped her along with her work.
We were there for almost four hours ... phew!
Tomorrow, it will be the same. (At least, I saved on the petrol...)


Suzanne said...

Its nice too as the 2 of you get to spend time with just each other.
Does it mean you have the week off Wen as well.

Arkerchi said...

hi suzanne,
yup, it is a week off for me too. It was good, just the two of us, eventhough she was busy trying to complete her schoolwork (she has quite a bit of it) but we enjoyed laughing at each other's nonsense. And having her act as mummy while me as her daughter... good time spent.