Tuesday, September 09, 2008

An idea...

Here is what I have been brewing in my head for quite awhile...

I have always loved to read and always love the way the stories unfold as they go along.

I have always been very good at spinning tales for composition writing when I was in school however, my grammar sucks!

Despite my lousy grammar, I like to write... that is why I started blogging.

However, blogging is more of diary entries that I note down day to day stuff in my mundane life but I want to write something that is frictional... creative writing!

Ahem... but I do not know how creative my writing can be.

Still, I am going to give it a shot!

So, I am inviting my dear friends, yes... that is you, to come to another my writing blog where I spin stories for the young ones.

Feel free to tell me how you feel about the stories, my grammar and so on. I love to hear your comments so that I can improve in it.

I will start with the first installment of the current story that I am spinning up...

1 comment:

Tine said...

That's a great idea!