Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival

Although it is a far cry from autumn here in sunny island but well it is a traditional chinese festival that we celebrate every year with mooncakes and lanterns.

Aver's childcare had a celebration last Friday evening.
Events for the evening...
1. Shadow show about the legendary lady in the moon.

2. Guess the mooncakes' flavours. (Aver gave it a try too... and shuddered as it was too sweet for her. At least she did not spit it out.)

3. Jigsaw puzzle assembly contest (Our group came in first.)

4. Pomelo peeling contest (which reminded me that Superpig had not bought any for this festival.)

5. Chinese tea making demonstration by teacher.

6. Time to eat!

7. Lastly, a lantern walk around the block. (Aver walked 80% of the way and totally enjoyed it.)

Ash was there too... she enjoyed the lantern walk too. Superpig had to work late and only managed to appear when it was time to eat.

Overall, the kids enjoyed themselves. I hoped I had not been such an introvert and had tried to talk to parents from Aver's class... but I really am too much of an introvert who always ends up saying the wrong thing.

I must say a big thank you to all the teachers in Aver's school. They did put in a lot of effort for the evening.

Here's a nice pix of Aver with her teacher.

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tooski said...

Aver looks very good with her hair tied up!