Monday, September 22, 2008

On a happier note...

Depression is depressing.
Fighting it is ongoing.
Overcoming it is rewarding.
Carelessness to it is damaging.
Depression can be defeated with willpower!

On a lighter and happier note, I enjoyed my weekend (Saturday, that is... Sunday, I was sick and slept the whole day through... but it was not that bad too.)

Saturday evening, our family went the the Chinese Garden. It has a month long of celebration for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Upon entering the parking lot (we had not even went into the place yet!), what I saw sent me squealing like a six year old. When my two princeses saw me so excited, they started to squeal and clapped. Superpig shook his head at the three of us... I think he must be regretting bringing us there.

Now... I will let the photographs tell you why we were all so excited...

Before the sun went down

When the sun went down...

Now, aren't the displays simply too cute to be digested?

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Ahfat said...

Oh.... the lanterns are so cute.... any idea the exhibition is till when?