Thursday, November 13, 2008

Finally... I sew

I finally managed to break out of my non craftiness and made a few stuffs over these two days.
Just to list them down...
1) Tissue Cozies (Superpig's Christmas order ... recipents are his colleagues)
2) Fabric Covered Buttons (more of them since the last time)
3) Ash's skirt
4) Tote bags (4 of them to be exact)

Well, if you want to see them simply jumped over the Wencrafting.

The craftiness came back, I guess, is due to the fact that the wait for Ash's result is over.
She got her report card yesterday and I must say I am quite happy especially am impressed with her Chinese results...

Her magic numbers : 92, 99 and 94.

I don't know but to some extent it is also my report card as I had been coaching her since she was in nursery. Although, she was not in the top three positions, we are still happy considereing that the last two terms in school was full of unhappiness with regard to Ash's work and attitude.

And also the sense of relief that I finally found out (though the hard way ... will explain another time) that Ash suffers from some degree of attention deficit and hence her problems in school. It had been gone unnoticed as I am not sure what are the symptoms are and also the common misconception that ADD sufferers are low achievers.

However, ADD may be a dirty word to most parents but for me I learnt to face the problem and am doing my utmost to tap on her potential over and on top of this disorder.

If you know someone who is ADD or have children who have ADD, please let me know so that I can learn more from them.

And we will continue to pray that with God's healing hands, Ash will be freed from it too.

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