Friday, November 21, 2008

We are stuck at home...

at least its Aver and myself.

Aver is now down with the dreadful Hand Foot Mouth Disease, so she will have to be kept at home for a week until the doctor declares her clear of it. She has sores in her mouth, high fever and small red spots on her hands and feet.

As this virus is contagious (which one is not?), we have to keep the two girls apart. As it is the school holiday, Ash is home all the time. so our dear Ash is limited to her bedroom and the study room (not counting the bathroom) while Aver is restricted from entering those areas.

However, it is very difficult to keep the small one away from her sister. She loves her sister to bits and eventhough she bullies Ash, Aver still adores her sister very much. So when she was stopped from entering the rooms or going to her sister, she cried her heart out. Ash had to convince her from a distance that she still loves her and she reassured the little one that once everything is ok, they can play together again.

As I am the one taking care of Aver, I also have to have limited contact with Ash and it breaks my heart. She is such a big girl and so understanding... she read her books in her room quietly and will make appearances when she need to change a new book or when she need to go to the bathroom. She also attempted to sew but I think that tired her out more than reading. (she does not inherit my craftiness but my love for reading.)

Aver, on the other hand, is doing quite ok. Except that her sores in the mouth is getting bigger and she is getting a little more grouchy. Plus, she is like asking for milk all the time and I cannot do anything at all.

Please pray for her to get well within this week and also pray that Ash will be able to withstand the virus. (If only there is someone I trust who can take care of her during this time.)

Before Aver fell sick, they were involved in making christmas ornaments for our christmas tree. Aver loved the project and did tons of them and they are waiting for me to put the ribbons on.

Ash, on the other hand, is very enthusiatic about the project but just gets easily tired with the sewing of the beads. Hence, her output is very little.

I hope she will complete as many as possible so that we can have a christmas tree filled with their handiwork for this year.
Oh... it is our wedding anniversary this sunday and it has to be at home with a sick baby.

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