Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Just because I am bored...

So I did a few quizzes...

There Are 2 Gaps in Your Knowledge

Where you have gaps in your knowledge:



Where you don't have gaps in your knowledge:






Ha... I studied Economics and History for 'A' Levels and majored in English and History in the University, studied ten years in an Anglican girls school, taught and still teaching in a Methodist school and am a Christian... so that explains my the result above. I love biology but hated physics and grit ny teeth through chemistry. As for philosophy... what's that?

You Should Be a Cat for Halloween

According to our quiz, you'd make an ideal cat.

Your runner up costume: Death

If we do celebrate Halloween... cute outfit. I am a cat lover so this is nice but...I need to get into shape first. But I do not agree with the runner up costume!

What Your Love of M&M's Says About You

You are energetic and full of inspiration.

You never slow down, and you're constantly leaving people and ideas behind.

You are a true visionary. You are constantly thinking about the future.

You love living, and you stay flexible. You're open to going wherever life takes you.

Interesting... never looked at myself in this manner. Time to take a second look at myself.

What Your Cute Monster Says About You

You are a simply happy person. You still view the world with a childlike innocence.

You have an easy going attitude, and you value harmony. You love freely and inspire others to love.

You inner demon is frailty. You are easily beaten down by life.

People think you're cute because you are optimistic. Your outlook on life is charming.

Innocent.. I agree. Easily beaten by life... I agree. Optimistic... ha... this is the first time I am hearing that. Usually I hear people telling me I am pessimistic.

What Your Jack-o-Lantern Says

You tend to be a very dramatic, flamboyant person.

For you, Halloween is another chance to perform.

This Halloween be something completely unusual... and shock everyone.

The candy you should give out: mini chocolate bars

Maybe... just maybe... if we do celebrate Halloween, I may do something crazy or I will make my children do something crazy.

You Are 55% Hyper

You have a high amount of energy, but you're not manic about it.

You live a busy, full, and productive life.

You enjoy all sorts of activities, and you approach most tasks with enthusiasm.

You are also naturally social. You have plenty of time and resources to devote to friends.

While you are quite hyper, you do understand the importance of rest.

It's difficult to get yourself to slow down, but when you do, you enjoy it.

Now, that explains why I have difficulty sleeping in the nights...
You Are a Lion
You have the potential to be very powerful and wealthy. You were born to rule.
You are able to contribute to a community and balance everyone's interests.

You are incredibly brave and totally fearless. You are usually passive... until it's time to jump into action.
You are a very passionate person. You tend to be jealous, and it's easy to provoke you into a fight.
What Animal Are You?
A lion is part of the cat family, right? I know I will be a cat... MEOW! However, I am not too sure I totally agree with the born to rule, brave and feearles idea up there... oh... I am more like the lion in Wizard of Oz... a timid one. Meow...

You Should Stay in Shape With Running

Chances are that you're already in fairly good shape

Why not challenge yourself with a run from time to time?

Running will give you that lean, toned body you desire

Fairly good shape? Yup... please make sure you do not look down past my boobs... Running? Are you nuts? I cannot run to save my life... I suffer from asthma in less than five minutes of slow jog and if I do manage to finish a round on the track, you will see me lying on the ground, white faced! But it did mention to give myself a challenge... maybe I should. Now, find me some time! (and the ventolin puff too)

Not a Jealous Bone in Your Body

You're secure, trusting, and giving with friends and lovers

And while you may have been hurt before, you've bounced back

You're generally happy with your life - and no one's grass is greener than yours

One word of caution: some may see your lack of jealousy as indifference!

This is so not true! I am a JEALOUS woman... sorry... I am a VERY VERY JEALOUS woman. Maybe, I was a very very jealous woman and now I am growing more mature...
NAH!!!! I am a VERY VERY JEALOUS woman!

What Your Name Says About You

Your name says that you are mostly:

Determined but flaky

Your name also says you are:

Passionate but flighty

Unconventional but unstable

Shrewd but overbearing

Erm... what is the above suppose to mean?
You Should Spend Your Summer in the Mountains
You're quiet, introspective, and a great thinker.
You need a summer vacation that gets you away from the crowds and the heat.
So retreat to the mountains, where you can clear your head.
Where Should You Spend Your Summer?
Superpig... are you reading this? Mountains... I need to go to the mountains... Not surprised with this result at all. Sometimes I tell Superpig that I want to go find a secluded place and be a hermit there.

You Live in the Past

You spend most of your time thinking about what has happened - not what's happening.

Your mind is consumed with memories and nostalgia.

And while living in the past may feel therapeutic or comfortable, it's not helping you.

Whatever has happened to you (good or bad), you're going to have to get over it.

Once you stop living in the past, you'll wake up to the world around you.

The present is a pretty great place to be.

Yup.. I am a past person and I know it does not do much good for me... plus my past had been kind of messed up. So, it is time to look at now and look forward!

You Are Destined to Struggle With Your Weight

Like most people, you find it a little difficult to stay at at weight you're comfortable with.

If you change a few habits and make food less important, you may find the struggle hardly exists anymore.

Time to change a few habits and I will be on my way to a little more mascular, lean and curvy body.
What Your Hands Say About You
You are logical, analytical, and rational. You have good verbal skills.

Idealistic and dreamy, you tend toward the impractical. You have a knack for getting yourself in sticky situations.

Brainy and intelligent, you are intellectual to the point of being incomprehensible.

Your emotions tend to be relaxed and uncomplicated. You don't read too much into things.
What Do Your Hands Say About You?
Idealistic and Dreamy... Spot on!
You Aren't In the Best Of Moods
While you aren't full on depressed, things aren't going your way.

You may be hurt, angry, frustrated... or all three.

Not to worry - you'll be feeling fine in no time.
What Mood Are You In?
Spot on ... again. It has to do with the examination results, work and the pupils I have to deal with... I don't know... maybe I just need to go out for a run (run... in the rain... that will be good.)

You Are 56% Lady

You're part lady, part modern woman.

Etiquette is important to you, but you brush aside rules that are outdated or silly.

56%.. okay... not that bad.

You Are a Winter Person

You are calm, serious, and focused.

You're the type of person who appreciates the quiet and calm.

Winter is the perfect time for you to get cozy and work on a hobby.

Summer is a bit too hectic for you. You like the dead of winter... preferably with a roaring fire inside.

Winter... winter... winter... i love it.
If you are wondering why am I doing all these tests, it is because I am bored and tired... but not tired enough to go and sleep. But tired enough not to do any crafts.

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