Monday, December 08, 2008

6, 7 and 8 December 2008

I missed a few days...
Anyway, it was my birthday yesterday.
I had planned to do a give-away but due to dipping mood decided not to.
Maybe, I will have a belated one ...

As for birthday celebration... nothing much.
Since last year, I suddenly do not like to celebrate my birthday anymore. I do not want to look forward to it and simply hope that it will skip past theis very day on the calendar.
If only I can sleep through from the 6th and wake up on the 8th...

My wish is to one day I will be able to set up a small stall to sell my handmade stuffs. Eversince a little girl, with little or no money, I make my own gifts for my friends or teachers and I treasure this feeling of handmade stuffs...but before that is able to be fulfilled, I must brush up my handmade skills.

Don't worry... I am feeling quite okay actually.

And thank you, friends, for the comments on the previous post. It was a sudden dip in the mood with regard to my crafting skills.

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Ahfat said...

Happy Belated Birthday!