Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lucia Buns

If you have been to Ikea (Singapore) recently, you will have seen the staff setting up baking counters in the showroom.
Aver tasted the Lucia Buns and fell in love with it. Why we know she likes it? After finishing a little portion of it, she kept asking for more. On top of that, when we return two days later for an item refund, she pointed into the showroom and demanded for bread.

There were also recipe sheets given out to customers and Superpig got one for me.

I tried the Ikea's recipe and totally failed ... that was last night ... and I went to bed feeling angry with myself.

This morning, I did a search online and found a simple enough recipe and tried it... it worked!!!
Yippeeee yeh yeh yeh...
(But I still need to twit the temperature of my oven so the buns doesn't look burnt.)

I did not use saffron, which is actually the main item in this bun, as cheapo Superpig refused to spend S$9 for a small bush of saffron. (Actually, I will not spend that money too... it is incredibly expensive!) He bought mixed spices for me instead and so I used that ... and it still taste as NICE!

Yippeee yipeee yeh yeh!!!

The dough separated into balls waiting for to be shaped.

The shaped doughs waiting to rise... (I need to add a little more yeast to let it rise more so that it will be fluffier.)

In the oven....

The end result.... a little too burnt looking.

The inside of the bun... Yummy...

Aver have not tasted this batch yet so I do not know whether she will like it. However, Ash tasted and she said she likes it.


Momo said...

Not only looks good, it looks like super delicious!

Arkerchi said...

thanks :)

about Jaeden said...

can i have sme..

mikkiel said...

I love shopping at ikea. Great products at reasonable prices. Definitely a must visit for any form of singapore shopping.