Sunday, December 28, 2008

Aftermath of Christmas

I did not finish the posts up to Christmas, as I would have loved to...
The reason is rather simple... I was way too busy.

As mentioned in earlier posts that I had yet to get ready the gifts of the festive season and was kind of sulking about... then as I was about to get started on baking cookies for Aver's christmas celebration in school, Superpig requested for more handmade presents for his colleagues.

So on the eve of Christmas eve, I set my sewing machine to work hard... I sewed over twenty tissue cozies (which I had not taken any photos of... duh... who has the time for it). The tissue cozies goes to Superpig's colleagues and a few of Aver's teachers.

Then when Aver rest for the night, I set my mixer to work and then my oven was hot right up to 2 a.m. in the morning. I baked cookies for Aver to bring to school the next day. (No pictures again... but they are the same as the ones that I made with the gals earlier on)

At 2 a.m., I thought I was able to go rest my sore feet and terribly aching back but I realised that the tissues cozies needed to be wrapped and packed for Superpig and Aver... So I wrapped presents till 3.30 a.m., praying very hard that Aver will not wake up to nurse and grumbled that Superpig was snoring away.

On the morning of Christmas eve, I dragged myself out of bed and into the car. Aver went to school for her celebration and Superpig to work, then I drove home with Ash and I slept till it was time to go fetch them.

I kept telling myself that I have the afternoon and night to get the presents for our friends done up and was feeling kind of relieved. At 3p.m., Superpig got a call from his friend and asked us wht we wanted for dinner... I was in shock! The christmas gethering should be on Christmas... wasn't it? NO! NO! NO! I had gotten the date wrong, we were suppose to meet on Christmas eve!

There I was stunned and with no presents for anyone YET!

So once Aver took her nap, I drove my sewing machine hard for the next 3 hours or more...
And I managed to get two sling bags and two pouches out... enough for whoever we are meeting (I still owe a few others their gifts...)

Then off we went for dinner and I was happy that I can relax for the rest of the remaining days of 2008... but...

27 December there is a little boy who turned two and I was all mixed up in dates and day, thought that it was on Sunday. So I thought to myself: I can rest for two days before I start the machine! So we went out to enjoy Christmas at a big and crowded shopping mall. I still had Friday to rest and I can sew on Saturday.

OOOoooooppppps... big mistake... the birthday is on Saturday and I have to sew his present on Friday. And since Aver's childcare is closed till the new year is here, I was not able to get my machine to start working till night is here.

In the afternoon, I started to pack the toys and books to allow greater organisation for a little homeschooling with Aver. (there is photos but I am not loading them now because the camera is quite a few steps away from me now and I am tired!!!)

Once I tackled the massive collection of books and the small selection of toys, I was already too tired to do anything.

But I still have a present to make for a little guy.

When night came and carried Aver into dreamland, I sewed a pair of pants (but I goofed up quite a bit so it took me 3 hours to get it done... an expert will be able to do it in half and hour!) And there was suppose to be a bag to put the pants in... but I had to make the bag the next morning as I was already too beat to be able to handle my sewing machine.

I read on a blog of a mum who sewed when she was tired and she ran her finger in to the foot of the sewing machine and sewed her finger ... I fear for my own safety too as I know that I was already very tired.

So I was busy from the last time I post till now and am too tired to go get my cameras to upload any photos. I want to rest... tomorrow... I have to return to school for meeting (why... I do not know ... my working scheme do not require me to go for meetings....)

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas and also a rested weekend.


about Jaeden said...

thank you for your effort to make for Jaeden...appreciated that..although the string is a bit long..but my little guy is happy to carry the bag..he brought it to church and to grandma's house..and he said " my bag"..

Arkerchi said...

That is why it is a well spent time and effort to make him the stuffs :-)

Ahfat said...

Glad that you are doing your sewing :)

~ Jade ~ said...

A Happy and Blessed New Year to you and your lovely family.

XUE said...

I tend to sewed wrongs sides togther or cut wrongly when I'm tired. I hv also managed to run the sewing machine needle down right through my fingers & it really hurts for a looong time afterwards). So do get enough rest or like me, you can't think/sew straight! And if you wish to "chat", you can email me anytime (see blog for address).