Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas is coming...

and my christmas presents for my friends, their kids, Aver's childcare teachers are not at all done. I have YET TO START on them!!!

Don't ask me why? Seems like I have this problem of proscratination or simply I still have not found something that is suitable for them yet.

Anyway... in preparation for christmas, I wanted the children to have a go at making christmas cookies but I fear the need to clean up later. Yesterday, I plucked up the courage and we had a cookie making sesssion (just that it was not in the christmas theme.)

The princesses selecting from my stash of cookie cutters the ones that they want to use.

Then, we all started the cookie cutting and cookie stamping.

The dough

Helping Aver with her cookie cutting.

Aver showing her flour-ed finger.

Superpig's turn...

They are waiting patiently for the oven to heat up.

All baked and waiting to be cooled and eaten.

The last bit of the dough... and this is what I created.

Let see if I can squeeze in a christmas cookie making session tomorrow night.


Suzanne said...

Your baking session looks like fun and I bet they tasted yummy.

Ahfat said...

The cookies are so cute. Wanted to try baking cookies with Hanhan too, but 1st of all I need to find a recipe suitable for use with cookie cutter.
Thank you for your comment on my blog, work hard and continue to enjoy crafting and the day will not be far.

~ Jade ~ said...

Wow! Such a nice Bake and Bonding Family Time. (^^,)

Tine said...

Thos cookie-cutters are so cute!!! Out of this world cute!! I'm in love :)

I hope you and your beautiful family had a wonderful Christmas! And I wish you a blessed New Year!