Monday, December 15, 2008

13, 14 and 15 December 2008

I missed the weekend again and that is because it was my princesses birthday celebration.

On Saturday, I was busy making the cupcakes and marinated the chicken for Sunday's birthday barbecue.
On Sunday, I spent the morning baking the sponge cake and icing the cupcakes. By noon time, the rain did not seems to stop and we had to find an alternative to the barbecue.
I tried to "write" their names on the cupcakes but it is not very visible here and I totally do not know why I had my camera hanging off my neck but I did not take much photos. (Weird...) As I mentioned we had to cancel barbecue and have a indoor celebration at my mother-in-law's place, so I spent the remaining afternoon, grilling these yakitori sticks and cooking the prawns and squids.

My birthday princess number 1, Ash... She turned 7 yesterday.
My birthday princess number 2, Aver... she will turn 2 tomorrow.

Since their birthdays are two days apart, we decided to celebrate together (unlike last year). Well, the little one will not know the difference untill she is much older. So we can have this arrangement for a few more years.

As this year, Ash requested for her school friends to be invited, we allowed that. She gave out the invitations but only 4 responded and came. The house was running full of children, the 4 classmates and a few siblings of theirs, Ash and Aver's cousins, our friends kids... and there were adults ... and I do not have pictures to show as I did not take many... (what had gotton into me?)

But I do have these two... a newest friend (ok... not so new actually ... a year plus coming to two liao) and an oldest friend. Honeymeow (the lady on the right) was given specific instructions not to come to he venue looking pretty and no fake eyelashes too as I will be very jealous... but a beauty without purposely made up is still a beauty.

As for my oldest friend, she gets invited to most of my celebrations. She cannot run away from them. Still love her to bits despite the fact that we hardly talk over the years... busy busy busy... and why would a single lady want to spent her time talking to a mother (boring!)

I will stop rambling for now... the next post will the a photo slide of the day's event.


Our Story said...

I like ur cupcakes, very nice.


Suzanne said...

Happy birthday to your 2 girls.

Ahfat said...

Happy Birthday to Aver and Ash. Wow.... your house is full of December gals.

Anonymous said...

I would love to chat with you...but you know...motherly stuff got nothing to do with you right now...I just soak myself in the whole celebration!!!!


Arkerchi said...

Thanx ladies for the birthday wishes for the gals.
Thanx YL, glad there is one more who likes the cupcakes.
I know, not ur fault nor mine... In my head, swimming around are all my children and so on, so not something that u can relate to. Btw, u got any photos of that day? Can email me?


Anonymous said...

Hey Wen,

No worries, I enjoyed myself! Hahahaha...good to see the children enjoying themselves...

Will email you the pic shortly..