Wednesday, December 17, 2008

16 December 2009

It is Aver's birthday and Superpig had taken the day off so we went off to the zoo.
There is the new children's playground in the zoo and we decided to let the gals go enjoy themselves.
Before we set off to the zoo, it was time to open the birthday presents.

Thank you for the gifts.

We went to the new children's playground in the zoo with the intention of letting the gals enjoy the waterplay there.
They did, eventhough there were the dark clouds hovering above.

After a wet and fun afternoon in the zoo, we went to the airport because I don't want to waste the rest of the day.

There were crayon rubbings...

Mickey Mouse and friends to be merry with... Indoor playground to explore...

There is dinner at Swensons and a free slice of ice cream cake for the birthday girl...

(We ran into Superpig's cousins and we ate dinner together.)

Which Ash got to finish it up.

Then, there was a gingerbread house which has candies inside.

Ash and her cousins got to go in and fill up a tumbler with candies for free... (because we did some shopping there and were given two tickets)
By the time we end the day, we were all extremely tired but happy.

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