Friday, March 20, 2009

More Stamps!!!

I am sort of hooked on this eraser stamp craft thingy... and Superpig has been very encouraging. He is even willing to sponsor the craving tools but I don't mind waiting a little longer. I like my penknife for now.

So in the span of three days, I made these.

Although they are not very professional looking or even cute enough compared to those I have seen on Flicker but I am willing to keep learning and testing my own skills.

It is a joy to learn something new and it is a even greater joy to perfect this new skill. I have learnt to sew for my daughters and myself, I have learnt to crochet, I have learnt to do digital scrapbooking and now I have learnt to carve my own stamps... in these two years that past, I must say that I am growing slowly in my crafting talent.

Maybe... just maybe, I do have a talent somewhere.

No... I am not being pessimistic. I had always wondered what is my talent. I had always asked God about it. I had grown up thinking that I am a talentless and unintelligent person. (Actually, I still feel this way sometimes.)

Maybe... just maybe ...

I am happy


Ahfat said...

For sure you have talents :) These stamps are cute.

charmainelene said...

very very nice!u surely have and is blessed with very impressive talents and intelligence!we love yr butterful, angel and the gal with our fave,crown! ;o) gota invest in couple more boxes of erasers!!guess you bear not give yr new "babies" away, hor? hee...kudos again and always!

charmainelene said...

ooppss..hahaha 'butterfly' i mean...sorry for the typo/s!

Arkerchi said...

Thank you my friends.

Anonymous said...

Goodness....Wen! you are good .....I really envy your skill..I think I would have cut my fingers off...haha...please let me know when you are doing a lucky draw!Cheers! Geraldine

Arkerchi said...

Thanks Ah Fat, Alf and Geraldine...
I can always make more and then I will bear to part with them already :) I made the little girl with the crown with ur two gals in mind.

no more lucky draws liao... not many response... You tell me waht you want, I make personally for you :) But hor... it may not be exactly what you wanted ... my skill very limited :)