Sunday, March 01, 2009

Crochet and Sewn

From an ugly transponder to a lovely item to hang on my neck whilst I am at work.

So if anyone is interested in beautifying your transponder drop me an email.

Oh... I am very proud of it because I designed it myself and it is my first very own pattern.

Next is a blouse I had sewn for myself.

After sewing for my princesses and also other non-wearable items, I finally embarked on a blouse for myself.

I like the blouse a lot and the instruction is rather easy to follow.

I believe there will be more blouses for myself in future.

With regard to the Pay It Forward game, the response is weak but as and when you like to join in just drop a comment here.

Ah Fat, your item is in the designing stage... and thanks for responding to that post.


Ahfat said...

Thanks Wen, but I don't think I want to take up the PIF again, as the respond on my blog is poor too. Instead I will take it as a swap between the 2 of us, so besides what I need to do for the PIF, I will get you something else too. Hope that's ok with you. :)

Suzanne said...

Love your shirt Wen, it looks good.

imp said...

i've been lurking for some time on your blog now. i just wanted to leave a comment to let you know i'm reading and am always happy to see your lovely creations. :)

mamabliss said...

hey that's a beautiful blouse you've sewn... makes me want to sew something for myself too teehehe...

Arkerchi said...

Ah Fat,

No worries about the PIF... it is already an honour to receive a handmade item from you.

Thanks... i like it very much too. and already planning for more :)

Hi Imp,

Thanks for dropping by and also lurking :) Hope i have not bored you with my complains at times :)

U must try ... must try. I was a bit apprehensive at first but once i had this one sewn, my confidence level goes up a little notch.

thanks everyone :)

4malmal said...

hi I chanced upon your site and wow I really love the blouse you have sewn for yourself. love the colours ! but I don't think I will have the patience to learn sewing :(