Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Two Noren Curtains and some rubber stamps

It's the school holiday for a week here so I can stay at home with Ash. Ash knows how to entertain herself so I can do my own stuffs. Aver, on the other hand, goes to childcare as usual.

So, I sew and I surfed the web for more inspiration.

We had always wanted curtains at our doorway so that we can open our doors without having to feel shy about the mess inside. We had went to Ikea in the past two weekends and we bought two fabulous fabric from the curtain section and the curtain rod.

Yesterday, I sew the curtains... both of it. I put the first one up and the other went into the storeroom before I took any photos of it. So here is the first one...

As I blog hopped, I got even more inspired by the crafts made by others out there. I had always love rubber stamps and had wanted to try making my own (ha... this sound rather familiar. According to Superpig, I like to try every crafts out there.) This time my inspiration came from Xue-originals. She made beautiful rubber stamps.
At first, I did not have the intention of making my own as that would mean I need to go look for the craving knives and the wood blocks... cost cost cost... At the moment, I am biting my fingers, trying very hard not to buy need craft supplies. But, I chanced upon another blog (which I have lost the link...) which featured some Japanese craft books which involve making your own rubber stamps using erasers.
And TAH....DAH.....

I used those flag erasers (which does not erase pencil marks well...), a pencil (to draw the design...) and a pen knife (to try to carve..). It worked! These may be very simple and amateur but I like the simplicity and these are images that I like. I like the little girl as it resembles my two girls.

Hope you will like them too.


Anonymous said...

very very nice, first look of the 'rubber girl' made me grin ;o) u certainly can do any crafts!kudos to you, friend!ha!i can't even publish my name, so i'm...Yours Faithfully...annoym

Our Story said...

it's very nice. nt like first timers

Arkerchi said...

Thanks Friend... (If I am guessing correctly who u are :) )

Our Story,
Thank u too. Ur comment boost my confidence. and thanks for dropping by :)

XUE said...

I hv been sick & haven't been visiting anyone but now that I'm here...thank you. How kind of you to mention me in this positive way. I am honoured that you felt inspired. Good job!