Friday, March 13, 2009

Fun with dough, Sports Day and...

I finally managed to drag out the cold storaged play dough and soft clay for the princesses to play.
Aver did cutting and rolling of play dough with Superpig.
Ash and I tried our hands at the rather-not-so-soft soft clay (it was not kept in air tight condition...)
However, we had no final product to show as Ash and myself have no idea what to do.

And today, it's Ash's Sports Day at school.
She was running in the class relay.
Her group came in second... WELL DONE!
We observed her from a distance whilst she was with her friends.
It was fun to observe her from a distance.
Very much like me, she is a loner and a follower.
But she tried her best to be with her friends and she did enjoy herself also.

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