Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Digital L/O

Aver is sick and hence I am home with her.

Other than trying to get some rest along with Aver, I decided to do a quick layout.
I kept it real simple by using item from mostly one collection - Valentine 2009 from Scrapbook Flair. (I think... I am lousy, mostly hopeless at keeping records of those scrapbooking kits I downloaded.)
Back to Aver being sick...
Well, if you had been following this blog, you will have known that she has sensitive skin and hence her eczema attacks. For the past year, the eczema raches came and went and along with it she started to have this cough. The cough is prolonged and it usually appears when her rashes appear.
It was finally confirmed that her cough is largely due to her eczema... she developed sensitive airways too. In the recent two months, this cough started to develop into wheezing. She had that last month and I had to be away from work for 4 days to look after her. She got the wheezing again on Saturday and went to see the doctor on Sunday. Today she is kept at home to recuperate. Her wheezing has stopped and now she is nursing the cough and the phelgm.
On top of that, her fingers are badly infected and that is also due to eczema! I would have shown you a picture of her badly infected thumb but it will definitely make you upset.
Let's just pray that she will get better by tonight and we can all go back to our normal routine tomorrow.

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Ahfat said...

Do take care, this eczema is really horrible. Recently, Hanhan has a bit of rashes on her face, it seems to spread, but the old spot seems to heal a little too, I'm keeping a look out on it.