Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I am throwing in the towel!

I am typing this at work and I am throwing in the towel.
What happens when the passion for your job is now become a chore, a fear and exreme stress.
I quit 4 years ago and now I am quitting again.
Call me weak but I realised that I am no longer as good as I was before.
I do not want to coninue asking myself what is it that I am not doing right or wht went wrong.
The answer is nothing went wrong!
It just that it is not my path.
This is no longer my calling...
Actually, what is my calling?


Anonymous said...

hi, stumbled upon your blog. i fully understand what u are feeling, cos i am teaching too... *sigh*
all the best, have faith cos He will surely guide you along to your next path :)

Arkerchi said...


i hope i have not discouraged you. This time round, it really is more personal than before. I am not allowed to throw in the towel yet...