Monday, April 06, 2009

Just Photos

I took this photo of Aver napping this afternoon when we reached home.
She must had felt that the classic music playing from the radio is too noisy for her.
These groups of photos were taken while on the way to schools in the morning.
If you have noticed, I typed 'schools', in the plural form as it refers to three different schools we are heading to in the mornings.

This particular one is a sunset.

It was so beautiful... my photography skill does not do justice to the sunset and Superpig refused to stop the car for me to have a good shot too.

And there were rainbows...
Again, my skill does not do justice to the magnificent view.
The sun was setting and the sky was tinted orange.
There was a slight drizzle and I thought there might be a rainbow...
As I walked out into the corridor, I saw it and was in awe.
The rest of the evening was all joyful as I cannot stop thinking about the beautiful rainbow in the orange tinted evening sky.

Lastly, another digital layout of the girls reading together.
It is a rare sight as Aver will always snatch the books away from her sister.
Or you can hear Aver shouting at her sister...


Ahfat said...

Love your last photo, so sweet(your L/O and your gals).

XUE said...

We used to live in a house on a hill in Lucky Heights, Siglap so we get to see such wondrous skies too. I still remember these.