Friday, April 17, 2009

Mini Pouchies

I have made these two mini pounches which for the sake of cuteness, I call them mini pouchies.

Mini Sweetie Pouchie

Mini Sweetic Pouchie (back)
Mini Flora Pouchie
Mini Flora Pouchie (back)

They measures approximately 5.5" by 5''.

Inner lining is green (somewhat like the Detol kind of green... lightish green).

Has a ribbon strap at one side which is long enough to allow yoor wrist to slip in.
I can put my Nokia N95 in it and a packet of tissue too.
These pouchies are for sale but I do not know how much to price them at.
Tentatively, I am thinking in the range of S$5 to S$7.
Would you like to suggest a price for it?
Would you be interested in purchasing one?
Thanks for dropping by.


imp said...

S$5 - 7 is definitely reasonable. they're bright and chirpy!

Arkerchi said...

thanks, imp.
will price it at $5 and see how it goes from here.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What sweet pouches - the buttons are the perfect finishing touch!