Friday, February 27, 2009

Pay It Forward

I had heard about this movie called "Pay It Forward" and had wanted to watch it but did not got to. Now, a fellow blogger friend had participated in this "Pay It Forward" scheme on blogland and I thought it will be interesting to join in as ...

(1) It will help get myself motivated to craft again.

(2) I like to share

(3) I can think of other things other than work

(4) It is a great de-stresser

So how do you play?

1. You have to have a blog.

2. First 3 commenters on this post will get to have something handmade by me (it is not bound by territory... its international).

3. You will in turn play the Pay It Forward game on your blog and it will go on from there.

4. I have 365 days to prepare the handmade gifts to the 3 commenters.


Ahfat said...

Thanks for playing along. Want to know where to buy the clips?! :) How about join us on 7 Mar, would be nice if you can join us.

Arkerchi said...

i can't join u gals ... cos my girl have enrichment lessons in the morning. I only free after 4 pm.... and i am banned from going to chinatown for at least the next two months :(

about Jaeden said...

i do not craft..and seldom blog..but do have a qualified? hehe :P