Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just some mundane ramblings

These are scenes around me the last few days...

Yellow Post-It Tags to indicate corrections on the pupils' worksheets.
I hope that the number of tags used will be lesser as time goes by.
I do hope that they will be able to improve.

The massive amount of books that I had marked.
On average, I need to mark about two sets of books or worksheets but this was one very particular day which I had quite a massive bit.

The other portion of the books that I had to leave behind as I packed up to go pick my daughters up from school.
I cleared this pile the next morning when I returned.

There is a very motherly colleague who makes the effort to cook for the staff in the staffroom that I am in.
I like to walk into the room and be greeted with the delicious smell, it sort of drown out the tiredness in my body and recharges my energy to tackle my marking.
This particular day she cooked chicken curry.
I am going to try to cook this for my family.

I found this seedling amongst the vegetable that I was preparing for dinner and I thought I would just plant it.
It survived! It is growing tall and growing well. I will be potting it soon.

Some interesting flower pattern on my centry eggs. Don't think it is good for the health, most probably it is bacteria growth ... I remembered reading somewhere or seeing somewhere that the bacteria have the most interesting patterns and designs. So I played it safe and threw them away.

And this is what I see when I turned around ... Aver lying on the floor while waiting for me to finish cooking. She was tired and totally bored. A reminder to myself that I must create a little corner to let her "cook" too.

That is my life for the past two weeks.
Hope yours is well and good too.

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