Monday, February 23, 2009

Crochet necklace for Ash

I was not feeling up to beat for the past week.
Aver fell sick last Friday and she is still running a fever and developed a nasty phlegmy cough.
So since I was stuck at home with her, I made this necklace for Ash.

I have been neglecting Ash due to over tiredness from work and also a demanding Aver.
Ash felt unwanted and had been acting up (partly due to her lack of focus also...).
I am guilty of how I reacted towards her made her feel this way.
Plus, I am turning into my mother, subconsciously, being very sceptical and critical of our own offspring. (Which i was determined not to be but... a long story which I will pour out another time.
So, now I am trying my best to show Ash that i love her just as much as before and that she still a precious gem in my eyes.
So this is for her.

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